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Wealth [Sep. 21st, 2010|06:40 pm]
The last year has seen our belts tightened to new extremes.  But, out of every dark cloud comes a silver lining.      The self-sufficiency idea in itself, is good.  In practical terms, you have to live in a climate somewhat more predictable than England.   
Out of this "social experiment" I have learned that I can and will grow a wonderful array of vegetables and salads.   However, not the variety needed to keep my families pallates amused for long. 
So now we grow the things we really really love, we make bread, cakes, and anything we can.   Then we buy the staple foods that we simply cannot produce ourselves.
Energy-consumption wise,  we're fair to middling.   If you live in a 17th Century cottage, you learn that it gets cold.  We don't have the luxury of cavity walls or double glazing, and as the colder days are drawing close, we will be once again forced to utilise our growing log pile.
Luckily, due to the nature of hubby's job, we get our firewood for free.... and now they say that burning sustainable wood is far better for the environment than any other method of heating.   My, how things change! 
We do have central heating, but Steve is rather frugal where that is concerned!   Slippers and thermals are the way forward! 

Generally, we manage well... but we don't do it as cheaply as we could.  However, do I want my children growing up without a little bit of luxury here and there?   I don't think I do.      I'm not saying that they get what they want all of the time, but there has to be a little parental flexibility exercised from time to time.  

I now work.  I have a little part time job at a charity which helps the elderly with their social and welfare needs.  It's very rewarding, and the job seemed to find me at a time when we really needed that little bit of extra income.  
It also gives me a chance to get out of "Mommy" Head and get back to being Luci.    Reclaiming myself has been important to me.    I didn't realise I had lost myself in the fug of child-rearing, until I got those 18 hours a week where there are no arguments over who has the wii controller, who is watching what on the TV, or general toddler screaming!   Those 18 hours are precious!