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Open Letter [May. 22nd, 2011|11:40 am]

I know that you've come back here, and I know that the anonymous comments were left by you.   You left your calling card in the form of your IP address, and it didn't take long to trace which part of the country the comments were coming from.    
Seeing as you were the only person in my offline life to know about this old journal, then it doesn't take a lot for me to put two and two together.  
Sweetheart, you are 32 now.  Don't you think you should have grown out of this?     

I'm unsure of what your agenda is, but it's got to stop.    This is the only warning I'll give you.  

This journal is my private headspace, and I'll not have it invaded and vandalised.    

If you have to get in touch then you already know the agreed way that you have to do that.   Not anonymously.